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The Role of Nutritional Counselor

A nutritional counselor is a health professional that works with individuals assessing their dietary needs. They can identify and address modifications to their diet that may be necessary. Also, they provide valuable support through education and follow-up visits to help the individual maintain a diet specific for their needs.

New Eden School of Natural Health and Herbal Studies offers certified nutritional counselor programs to prepare students for educating the public in nutrition.

Assessing Dietary Needs

When a client visits a nutritional counselor, the first visit begins with an interview about their food intake and health issues. There are different methods the counselor will use such as a questionnaire or having the client use a food diary.

Keeping a daily food journal will help the nutritional counselor assess your needs. A written record of all foods and beverages consumed each day is used to analyze the nutritional intake of clients.

Health Issues

Nutritional counseling is commonly requested to assist clients with health issues such as diabetes, digestive issues, obesity, pregnancy, and many other conditions.

Many people who have diabetes or high blood pressure are not sure the type of nutrition needed to control their health problems. A nutritional counselor can provide the material on how the food choices they make can affect their health conditions. The client will learn how to create a food plan that has the nutrients they need to manage their conditions.

Nutritional decisions can be challenging to maintain for many people. For many people, this is because they do not have enough information to make knowledgeable decisions. Many people can benefit from the services of nutritional counselors.

Nutrition counseling is a process that can take months or years for some clients. There are many follow-up sessions, record keeping, problem-solving that can be challenging. If you are interested in helping others with their dietary needs, consider a career in nutritional counseling.



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