Things to Consider Before AC Installation Raleigh, North Carolina

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Air Conditioning & Heating

A new air conditioning system can significantly improve household comfort and lower energy costs. Yet, it’s essential to consider a few things before scheduling AC installation in Raleigh.

Type of Air Conditioning System

Households simply replacing their existing AC system with an upgraded version won’t have to do much prep work. The system should go in without needing retrofitting or other adjustments. However, those installing air conditioning in an addition or renovated space might need to install new ductwork to make the system work well. If ductwork installation is out of the budget, consider installing mini-split, ductless AC systems instead.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

There’s never a better time to schedule duct cleaning than before installing a new AC system. Ductwork collects debris, including pollutants affecting indoor air quality and HVAC performance. Clean ducts help the new AC system do its job better and distribute cleaner air throughout the house.

Consider the Unit’s Size

AC systems should be sized correctly to ensure they work their best without using excess energy and draining one’s bank account.

Often, people assume bigger is better, but that’s not always true. Installing a too-big system wastes energy and doesn’t keep the house any cooler. On the flip side, a too-small system has to work too hard to keep up with demand, causing energy consumption to skyrocket and increase wear and tear on the system.

Households have much to consider when regarding AC installation in Raleigh. So, why not get professional help to make the best decisions? Contact Any Day Heating & Cooling for assistance!

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