Tips and Suggestions for Diabetic Foot Care

If you are a diabetic, it is very important and necessary that you take good care of your feet. Diabetes will make you more prone to having infections and sores of the feet, as it can affect the sensitivity of your nerves. As part of your health checks your physician will inspect your feet to guarantee there are no problems and give advice about how to take care of your feet properly. It is important to keep your feet dry and clean as well as keeping your toenails short, either by trimming them yourself or by regular visits to a podiatrist. As soon as you notice any problems, seek the help and advice of a podiatrist before you attempt to treat the issue yourself. You can receive diabetic foot care in Jacksonville, FL, which is provided by a reputable foot and ankle clinic.

Diabetics Should Always Be Protective of their Feet

Feet complications can range from infections to ulcerations that may lead to amputations if not treated immediately and by a specialist. When you work closely with a podiatrist for regular foot checks along with caring for your feet at home it can provide you with a better outcome and keep your feet healthy and happy for a long time. A podiatrist can help you by providing a care sheet so that you will know exactly how to care and be responsible for the health of your feet.

Things you can do to Maintain Healthy Feet Include the Following:

  • Control Your Blood Sugar and Keep Logs of It
  • Check Your Feet Twice a Day Preferably in the Morning and Night
  • Always Wear Comfortable Socks with Your Shoes
  • Do not Go Barefoot even in Your Home
  • Never Soak Your Feet in Hot Water
  • Be Your Own Advocate and Stay Updated on Diabetic Issues

The Importance of Diabetic Foot Care

There are many diabetics that do not understand the importance of the care of their feet and how that care can affect their health in many ways. It is vital that if you are a diabetic that you look after your feet and inspect them daily. Diabetes causes a condition of painful nerve damage that is called peripheral neuropathy and in some cases can affect your entire body, but most often the areas of the feet and legs which is prone to have the worst symptoms. When your feet have damaged nerves then you will have a loss of feeling which is why it is important to properly care for your feet and see a specialist. Contact First Coast Foot and Ankle Clinic for more information.



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