Tips for Tree Trimming in Fountain Inn, SC

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Tree Services

Are your trees wilting or just not shaped the way you want them to be? If so, you can get professional tree trimming in Fountain Inn, SC when you contact an experienced arborist that offers a variety of tree services. An arborist is a professional that is proficient at working with trees, shrubs, vines, and perennial plants. This scientist will be able to assess the health of your trees and formulate a plan that includes Tree Trimming In Fountain Inn, SC to get them into better shape.

Since trees are the longest living organisms on Earth, care needs to be taken to preserve their integrity and longevity. For trees to maintain their aesthetic value and health, they need regular tree trimming in Fountain Inn, SC. A seasoned arborist can perform this task on a regular basis or on an as-needed basis. Before any trimming or pruning is done, a professional will inspect the trees to be worked on. This will include a visual inspection to see if any parts of the tree are diseased or compromised in any way. If a part of a tree compromises the health of the entire tree, it must be removed. Pruning is usually done to conserve the health of a tree while tree trimming in Fountain Inn, SC is utilized for the visual appeal of a tree, shrub, or vine. Together, these two treatments result in trees that are conducive to the environment they grow in.

It’s best to trim a tree during it’s dormant season. This means the tree will have minimal activity during a certain season or when certain conditions in the climate are present. When performing Tree Trimming In Fountain Inn, SC, a person should leave the branch collar. This will mean not trimming the branch too close or too long. Also, be aware of the size of a branch. You can remove a branch that is under five centimeters in diameter, but leave one intact that is over ten centimeters in width.

Whether a reliable arborist or you trim your trees, remember that care and respect should be shown to a plant that is part of an ecological system that helps to sustain life on Earth.

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