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Watch Out For These Common Plumbing Repairs in Gig Harbor WA

Although you might overlook it more than the other aspects of your home, your home’s plumbing system is very important. Without a plumbing system that functions normally your entire household could be turned upside down. When people run into plumbing problems they immediately think that they can fix these problems themselves. Unless you have experience with plumbing repairs in Gig Harbor WA you should call a professional first. Let’s take a look at when you should and shouldn’t rush to call a professional plumber.

If the water in your tub or sink takes a long time to drain out, it likely means that your drain is being partially obstructed. This is a fairly simple problem that can be solved with a powerful drain cleaner or a plumbing snake. Often times things like hair, or dirt and grime, slowly build up inside of pipes and this causes the water to slow down as it drains. If you want to try something more organic, consider pouring baking soda and vinegar down your drain; let the mixture soak for a while and rinse it out with steaming hot water.

Water that drains slowly and water that doesn’t drain at all are two different things. If your water isn’t draining out at all, it means you have a clogged pipe. If the clog is located closer to the opening of the drain – many clogs happen along the trap – you could probably clear it with a powerful drain cleaner. However, if using a drain cleaner doesn’t work, you may need to contact a professional that handles plumbing repairs in Gig Harbor WA. In some cases, the debris clogging your pipes is located much deeper than normal. If the clog is located too deep, a professional plumber will need to use special tools to fix the problem.

Busted pipes are another problem many homeowners experience. During the winter months, it’s very common for temperatures to drop below freezing. The pipes in your home are always filled with water. If the water inside of your pipes freeze, it could expand and force your pipes to burst. Busted pipes can cause an extensive amount of water damage. If this happens, turn off the main water valve and call Herdman Plumbing services as soon as possible.



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