What Are Lab Created Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are grown in a controlled laboratory environment with advanced technological processes. These processes duplicate the conditions under which natural diamonds form in the mantle below the crust of the earth. Lab created diamonds are available in a wide range of colours, some that rarely occur in nature. Diamonds created in a lab are much less expensive than their natural counterparts.

How Are Lab Created Diamonds Made

Lab created diamonds are made from the tiny carbon seed of natural existing diamonds. Advanced technology, such as extreme pressure and heat, is used to mimic the formation of natural diamonds. Some lab created diamonds are made using deposition, but may also undergo treatment with pressure and heat once they are grown. The coloured diamonds that are created in a lab are made when small amounts of trace elements are added during the growth phase.

How Do Lab Created Diamonds Compare to Natural Diamonds?

The exact composition of trace elements in lab created diamonds may differ from those in naturally occurring diamonds. The only way that a diamond created in a lab can be distinguished from a natural diamond is with the use of special equipment to detect the minor differences in crystal growth and trace elements.

Lab created diamonds have the same chemical, optical, and physical characteristics as natural diamonds. In addition, they feature the same sparkle, scintillation, and fire as well. In fact, it is nearly impossible to tell the difference between lab created and natural diamonds. Therefore, lab created diamonds must always come with a gem certification that identifies them as having been grown in a laboratory.

The Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Diamonds created in a lab are just as real as those that are mined. They have the same chemical and physical properties and are grown under the same pressure and temperature conditions. Lab created diamonds are often of a higher quality because they are created through a fully monitored process in a controlled environment. If you are interested in learning more about lab created diamonds, check out Lily Arkwright.



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