What Are The Top Reasons You Need a Franchise Attorney in Orange County?

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Law Services

Owning a franchise can be one of the best ways to begin your career as an entrepreneur. The goal of owning your own business and being responsible for your success is definitely one that will cause you to have ups and downs. But you can make sure the path to owning a franchise is more successful by making sure that you hire a franchise attorney in Orange County.

Franchise Attorneys Help You Get Started

If you are still in the preliminary stage of owning a franchise, a franchise attorney can be very helpful. A good lawyer will help you to get the disclosure documents you need ready. To own a franchise, you will need to review 23 different informational items known as the Franchise Disclosure Documents. Having a lawyer look over these, as well as the terms of your agreement, is a very valuable step in owning a franchise.

Franchise Lawyers Help You Negotiate Rights

Not all franchise agreements have the same terms. Two very important matters that you will need to consider in the franchise agreement are the right to close and the right of first refusal. These aspects of the agreement will dictate when and how you are able to end your franchise career. While that may not be your first concern right now, these terms may matter to you in the future, and a lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected.

An Attorney Can Easily Spot Warning Signs

If you are inexperienced in owning a franchise, having an attorney can protect you from predatory language within contracts. Experienced franchise attorneys in Orange County will be able to spot agreements that can be trouble for you in the long run, and can notify you if a franchise agreement looks too good to be true.

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