What Can You Order From a Modern Bolt and Fastener Supplier Online?

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Fasteners Supply

Are you looking for a good bolt and fastener supplier? Bolts and fasteners are class-C commodities, meaning they’re sold in high value. Finding a reliable supplier can streamline operations and reduce inefficiency. Today, modern suppliers can provide a variety of class-C commodities, including blots.


In manufacturing, a fastener is anything used to hold things together. Bolts belong to this group of hardware, and they’re widely used in production. They’ve designed several variations of bolts to make them useful in different applications.

Anchor Bolt

Generally, an anchor bolt is one that’s meant to hold things down onto concrete. Once it’s installed, a portion of its threading is still exposed.

Carriage Bolt

These are notable for the rounded head design used to make them. Below the rounded head, there’s a square section, meant to stop turning. Its threaded section has enough space to hoist a nut, too.

Hex Bolt

They’ve created a hexagonal head for this design. Occasionally, the spot directly beneath the head isn’t threaded. But, it may have threads in some circumstances.

Bolt Materials

Besides varying designs, bolts also use a variety of materials. Steel fasteners tend to be what construction workers use while building large structures. However, bronze fasteners are popular whenever there’s a risk of water exposure. They’re not as likely to rust if used in place with water. Sometimes, nylon fasteners work if used to bear light-weight loads.

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