What Do Art Therapy Programs Offer Incoming Students in Chicago, IL?

by | May 11, 2022 | Education

Art Therapy Programs

Chicago is world-renowned for its academic programs, including art therapy programs. If you are looking at becoming an art therapist, their curriculum will help you achieve your goal. By the time you finish all the prerequisites, they will have taught you how to help people regain clarity.

Master of Arts in Art Therapy and Counseling

The MAC is a master’s level program, and it prepares graduates to pursue careers in therapy. By implementing artistic expression skills, pupils begin to understand therapeutic fundamentals. As such, once a student has gone through it, they can help others reach equilibrium using art.

Art Therapy Credentials Board

Each program attendee must complete coursework in preparation for professional certification. The Art Therapy Credentials Board administers this, and it is valid in Illinois.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Students must obtain a license to counsel clients, or their practice would not be legal. Fortunately, these programs include courses designed to prepare graduates for the examination. As a result, after completing the MAATC coursework, passing the exam will be easy. Furthermore, the school provides a licensure specialist to assist with out-of-state requirements. If you would live to move to another state and open a practice, they will help you get licensed there.

American Art Therapy Association

In 1989, the MA in Art Therapy and Counseling program was approved by the AATA. This is the primary governing body that regulates art-based therapies in the US.

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