What To Bring For Your Tax Preparation In Auburn WA

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Services

It may not be a lot of fun to think about this Christmas season, but soon after the presents are unwrapped and we ring in the New Year, the tax deadline will approach. If you start preparing now and right after the beginning of the year, getting ready for your Tax Preparation in Auburn WA will not seem like a big hurdle. Make small steps now, so you don’t have a last minute run to the preparer’s office with a garbage sack filled with paperwork that will only cost you more in preparation time.

There are five basics that every tax payer must account for in their Tax Preparation in Auburn WA. Some are simple while others may take some time to put together in an orderly fashion. If you set aside a simple filing system before the first W-9 arrives in the mail, you will be one step ahead of the organizational game. The first thing you need to have on hand is your Social Security number and identification. This goes for any dependents you are claiming as well.

Next, you will need to put all of your income statements together. This most often refers to your income from your employer, but it goes beyond that as well. Self-employment needs to be calculated, foreign income, Social Security benefits, unemployment benefits, gambling earnings, alimony, rental income and even sale of stocks goes under this category. Next is the fun part of Tax Preparation in Auburn WA, and that is deducting the exemptions from the taxes you may owe from your income.

Put into a file all of the deductions you think may contribute to your tax refund. If you are self-employed, you can write off a large number of expenses. Business expenses, education, medical, charitable donations, interest paid as well as taxes already paid and even union dues can be added up. Did you know you can even write off the expenses you paid to have your taxes done? Make sure your tax preparer knows all the current rules and regulations in this area, so you can deduct and exempt as much as possible from what you may owe.

Lastly, it may be hard to think about, but if you had a disaster of any type such as a fire or flood, bring in proof. These also could help offset any taxes you may be responsible for.

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