What to Consider When Choosing a Great Pair of Sunglasses in Hutchinson, KS

A great pair of sunglasses not only should look good on your face, but should do their job efficiently as well. Read on for information about how to choose the best sunglasses in Hutchinson, KS, for protection from harmful UV rays.

Pay Attention to Details

Whether you are buying from the gas station or the mall, you should always look to see that the sunglasses you are purchasing block 100% of UV rays. Failing to do so can leave your eyes susceptible to damage.

Buy Big

The bigger your sunglasses are, the more likely they are to block harmful sun rays from getting into your eyes. Therefore, purchasing glasses that wrap-around or cover much of your eye is ideal.

Don’t Be Fooled

Many may think that the darker the lenses on their sunglasses are, the better they will block the sun. While this seems to make sense, the truth is that the darkness of your lenses have little to no bearing on how many UV rays are actually being blocked from the sun.

Other Factors

Beware of being tricked by other factors such as color, polarization and other extras that don’t actually protect you from UV rays. While each of these factors has its own benefits such as keeping glare at bay and increasing visibility for athletes, if overall UV protection is your goal, color and polarization have little to no effect.

If you are interested in finding a great pair of protective sunglasses in Hutchinson, KS, visit us at Grene Vision Group, or check us out online.



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