What to Expect from an Alzheimer’s Residence in Melbourne, FL

by | May 6, 2021 | Assisted Living

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s often need more care than what they can get in a home setting. In situations like this, the better option is residential care in a communal living environment. Caregivers considering this care option should know the following about finding the best Alzheimer’s residence in Melbourne, FL.

Types of Housing

The type of housing one chooses for their loved one depends on their stage of dementia. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, only minimal support might be needed. The person might do well in independent retirement housing.

As the person’s illness progresses, they will require more assistance. This is when family members should consider assisted living facilities. The person might still do function well most times without assistance but might require medication assistance or meal preparation.

When the illness progresses toward the end stages, Alzheimer’s patients need more and more support that only a skilled nursing facility can provide. Most caregivers find that a memory care facility specifically dealing with dementia symptoms works best.

Choosing a Care Facility

When it becomes obvious that the person suffering from dementia can no longer live on their own or even with family members, it’s time to choose a care option. Family members find that the transition is easier when they’ve toured several facilities and found a community that supports their values. It’s also important that the facility is close to family members to make it easier to visit one’s loved one as often as possible.

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