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What to Know About Apollo Valve Distributors

When you are looking for Apollo valves, you need to know how to reach Apollo valve distributors. Valves can be categorized in many ways, including how they function, how they operate, and how they will be used. Although there are many types of valves, there are six common types carried by valve suppliers, including gate, ball, butterfly, globe, needle, and check valves.

Types of Apollo Valves

There are several common valves carried by Apollo valve distributors. Gate valves are used in industrial and residential piping applications, and they are also used for sewage pipes. These valves have the capacity for more substance flow and lower pressure drops within the valve. Ball valves are also called quarter turn operation valves, and they have a ball with a hole in it. When it is turned, you can stop the flow. The butterfly valve also uses a quarter turn, but it has a butterfly disc instead of a sphere. They are good for suspended solids. Globe valves control fluids that are more viscous, and needle valves are great for finding adjustments in flow rate. Finally, check valves prevent backflow in piping systems.

How to Choose Your Valve

The first step towards choosing the correct valve is to match the valve type to the function it performs. This will ensure that you avoid leaks, damage, and subprime performance. In addition, it is important to consider what substance will flow through the valve. Consider the temperature, the pressure, and whether or not you need a shut-off valve. Finally, it is important to consider the pipe size, operating flow, and piping material. This way you can choose the valve that works best and offers the best performance.



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