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When to Call an Emergency AC Repair in Orlando, FL

AC units and systems can break down. In the middle of a heat wave, this can be calamitous. Yet, if the AC is malfunctioning, is it really necessary to call in a professional for an Emergency AC Repair. In Orlando, FL, the type of malfunction should determine whether it qualifies as an emergency.

What Constitutes an Emergency AC Repair?

In Orlando, FL, it is easy to argue that anytime an AC unit or system beaks down, it constitutes an emergency. Depending upon the season, the lack of a functioning AC unit can cause detrimental effects on residents and customers. In general, however, is required when the following three issues occur:

  • A complete breakdown of the system
  • The AC is manufacturing water damage. A clogged condensate drain, or even the sight of ice formed on the coils, can result in not only further damage to the AC unit but also health issues such as mold
  • Electrical issues are plaguing the AC unit or system. This includes but is not restricted to
    * Tripping a breaker repeatedly
    * Producing a smell of burning electrical wires or components
     * Dimming the electric lights in your residence or business when it is turned on or otherwise activated

Emergency AC Repairs

When an AC unit stops functioning it does not mean an emergency AC repair. In Orlando, FL, the requirement for such services depends upon such factors as age of the unit and specific problem. Make certain the stoppage of the unit is not temporary before you arrange for emergency repair services.



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