Who is a Good Candidate for Breast Implants Dallas?

There are quite a few women who would like to have Breast Implants Dallas, but not all of these people are good candidates for the procedure. The very best candidates are individuals who are informed about the procedure, what it involves and the limitations. They should also have a realistic expectation of the outcome.

Breast Implants Dallas can help to improve the appearance of a woman’s breasts, but it should not be used as a method for improving a person’s life or to make a failing relationship better. Women should only consider undergoing this procedure if it is for themselves, rather than another person.

In addition to improving a woman’s body image, self-esteem and confidence, some of the most common reason that Breast Implants Dallas are sought include:

  • To enhance smaller breasts

  • To make asymmetrical breasts symmetrical

  • To correct sagging or drooping breasts after breastfeeding and pregnancy

  • To correct changes in the shape or size of the breasts because of weight loss

  • To reconstruct the breast after cancer or surgery

  • To achieve cosmetic improvements after a breast reconstruction procedure

The fact is that there are some patients who are good candidates for this procedure and some who are not. Some of the individuals who are not considered good candidates for this procedure include:

  • Anyone who has previously had radiation therapy

  • If they are under the age of 18

  • If they do not fully understand the surgery or procedures

  • If they have unrealistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery

  • Anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or has an infection

It is essential that patients discuss their options with their doctor prior to undergoing the procedure. This will ensure that they receive the outcome that they desire for the surgery.

For more information about breast implants, contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas. Here any questions a patient has can be answered to ensure that they fully understand the procedure and what to expect. Being informed and educated about the procedure is essential to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved and that the surgery is considered a success by the doctor, as well as the patient.



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