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Why Epoxy Flooring Is the Most Suitable For Use in a Marine Setting

When it comes to flooring in regards to a marine environment, you may think that any option will do. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The most recommended marine flooring in any circumstance is none other than epoxy flooring. Here is why this is so.

Resistant To Substances

With an epoxy floor, you are ensuring that the entire flooring area is resistant to not only chemicals but to saltwater as well. This means that you will not have to replace the flooring every other year because epoxy is made for long-term durability. Not only will the floor not be damaged by such things as hydraulic fluid or fuel spillage, but it won’t even be stained by them.

Totally Hygienic

Since it is crafted from epoxy, the flooring is incredibly easy to keep clean. For normal cleaning, all you need is a solution and a squeegee. For more thorough cleaning, the epoxy marine flooring can easily withstand the rigors of a power washing.

Can Be Installed Anywhere

If new flooring is needed in a place such as an offshore oil rig, it is virtually impossible to rip up the existing flooring and replace it with new flooring without bringing the work on the rig to a complete standstill. With epoxy flooring, all you need to do is lay the flooring directly on top of the old flooring. It can be completed during downtimes.

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