You May Qualify for a Free Smartphone With a Plan in Maryland

The Maryland Lifeline program is a federal assistance service that helps low-income families access the internet and telecommunications. An individual must qualify for this program.


Some of the qualifying factors are income and housing. The income levels are determined by the number of people living in the home and any paychecks or supplements the occupants receive.

People who receive Medicaid or payments from the Social Security Department may also be eligible. Veterans, their survivors, and families who need food assistance should consider applying. There are many other qualifying programs, such as Head Start.


These cellular devices are smartphones, and they are capable of connecting to the internet. The Maryland Lifeline program comes with mobile data, which means you can surf the web and check your email. The government worked to develop a package that would help people function during the pandemic. With the phone and web access, kids can attend school, and parents can keep in touch with their employers.

If you already have a cell phone, you can use it, but it must be compatible with the plans. You might need a SIM card. If you do, you might be able to get a free one, and once you have it installed, you simply activate the phone.


The coverage area spans across the United States. For an extra fee, you can bundle in international calling. The service covers text messaging, voice mail retrieval, and caller ID. For more information and details on applying for the Maryland Lifeline program, contact Infiniti Mobile at



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