3 Areas To Use Wedding Drapes In Any Venue

While some couples do get married in elaborate ballrooms and beautifully designed wedding venues, many couples also get married in community centers, community halls or in public areas or private buildings not originally designed as wedding reception facilities.

The ideal way to hide these is to invest in some good quality wedding drapes. These are much less expensive than traditional window treatment drapes. They are also available in a range of different colors that are a perfect combination of the traditional as well as modern or unique wedding color combinations.

There are at least three different locations in different venues that are ideal locations for wedding drapes. By understanding how these can be used to make any room look elegant, consider the following possibilities.

Behind the Head Table

Most halls, community centers, and non-wedding reception venues will have a typical stage where the head table will be located. Most of those stage areas are home to an old piano, extra chairs and perhaps the props from last season’s theater club performance.

By using drapes behind the head table, this storage area is blocked off. Additionally, with the drapes behind the head table, wedding pictures will look wonderful and not have odd shapes or reflections.

To Conceal Interior Doors

Door leading to the stage, to the kitchen area or storage rooms off of the hall or banquet room can be a problem. By using wedding drapes to cover the doors they are out of sight and out of mind, preventing guests from going into areas where they are not allowed to be.

As A Backdrop for the Cake Table

Making a backdrop for the wedding cake table is ideal for photographs. This drape color can be selected to both highlight the cake as well the couple when they stand there for their photographs.

Decorating a venue for a wedding doesn’t have to be costly. By using specially designed drapes, a beautiful look is easy, even on a budget.

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