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3 Conditions That Require Specialized Memory Care for Your Loved One

Some conditions that affect older members of your family change the brain in a way that daily tasks become complex. Memory issues are the most challenging aspect of these conditions, and here are the top three medical conditions that require memory care for your loved one.


Dementia is a common problem among older men and women. It describes the loss of brain function in at least two areas, and memory may be affected. You may notice that your loved one forgets things that should be easy to remember, such as the name of family members, home address, and activities that happened only hours ago. Dementia can be controlled to a degree with medications, but advanced cases require specialized memory care in Brick, NJ.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is caused by the break down and death of brain cells. The disease affects each person differently, but memory loss is almost also a common concern. Someone who has Alzheimer’s will not recover and requires long-term care, including memory care in Brick, NJs, by clinicians who understand how to best support people with Alzheimer’s.


A stroke happens when the blood flow to the brain is disrupted, typically by a blood clot. The slowing of blood circulation robs the brain of oxygen and may cause damage. Memory loss often occurs as a result of strokes, and people who suffer strokes need long-term rehabilitative services, including memory care.

Learn More About Memory Care in Brick, NJ

The Regency Memory Care Club specializes in memory care for seniors and others who suffer trauma or debilitating medical conditions that affect memory. Call them today for more information and learn how they can help your loved one.



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