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3 Important Ways That a Bankruptcy Attorney in Salinas Can Help You

You’re at the end of your rope financially and not sure what to do next. Bankruptcy seems like the only solution, but you’re not sure how to proceed. A consultation with a bankruptcy attorney Salinas will yield the answers that you seek. Here are some ways the attorney can help.

One has to do with determining if you’re eligible for bankruptcy protection. To that end, the attorney will administer a means test and also take a close look at the type of debt you have. Assuming you are eligible, the attorney can recommend either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy action, based on which approach would work best in your case.

The attorney can also help you register for and take the courses related to financial management that the court will require. As the attorney will tell you, those courses can be taken online. Doing this as soon after filing for protection will make it all the more likely that the court will accept the petition.

Last, the bankruptcy attorney Salinas will advise you to cease interaction with any of your creditors. The court will notify them that you have filed for bankruptcy protection. If any creditor continues to pursue you, notify your attorney who will then let the court know. They will take it from there.

Don’t spend another sleepless night wondering how you will ever get through this difficult period. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer and get the advice that you need. It could be the first step in getting back on sound financial ground.



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