3 Reasons Why It’s So Important to Follow Your Divorce Attorney’s Advice

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Now that the decision is made to end your marriage, the next step is to hire an Arlington divorce attorney. In order to make sure things go as smoothly as possible, it’s important to follow the attorney’s advice to the letter. Here are a few reasons why you want to do so.

One of the things your attorney will ask is to tell you everything that may have relevance to the divorce. The reason behind that is to be prepared for anything that the counsel for the other party may bring up. If you’ve been completely upfront with your legal counsel, it will be easier to defuse any event or information that would otherwise hinder the divorce proceedings.

Perhaps your Arlington divorce attorney will advise you to limit your interactions with the other party. It’s best if all matters related to the divorce are only discussed when the legal counsels for both parties are present. Following this advice will minimize the risk of saying something that could complicate the negotiations for a reasonable division of assets.

Last, your attorney will counsel you to refrain from discussing the particulars of the divorce with friends and family. While you may need to provide some general comments, keep them as vague as possible. As your Arlington divorce attorney will point out, it’s never clear who will end up hearing about the conversation and how your remarks could be misconstrued. If you say little to nothing, it’s harder for anything said to be interpreted in the wrong way.

Your lawyer may have additional advice based on your particular situation. Listen to it carefully and put it to good use. Doing so will increase the chances of getting through the divorce sooner rather than later.

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