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3 Tips for Digital Marketing & Internet Design in Avondale, AZ

It’s important to remember that although digital marketing design can seem simple, there are a lot of moving parts involved. Your social media strategy, email marketing plan, and website design all play a part in your overall marketing approach, and it’s up to you to make sure everything works together seamlessly.

As you move forward with your marketing strategies, keep these three design elements in mind:

1. Color Palette

Experts in internet design in Avondale, AZ, share that one of the most fundamental decisions for design will be what colors to use in your marketing. For example, a fashion brand may want a bright, vibrant color palette while a software company chooses something more subdued and functional. Regardless of how many colors you choose, make sure to keep them consistent across your branding materials.

2. Font

Fonts have a lot of power when it comes to design. They can convey a message before a user even starts reading and shape how a user experiences your website. If you want to use fonts that align with your brand identity, then you’ll need to pick fonts that have meaning or significance. For example, if your company is known for its modern style and sleek designs, then using an antiquated font would probably clash with your brand identity.

3. Readability

For optimal readability in your internet design in Avondale, AZ, use high-contrast text paired with complementary background colors. If your website’s main body of the text is black, try using green or blue for links. If your background is white, use red or orange for links. When in doubt, colorblind-friendly color schemes are best.



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