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5 Qualities of a Reliable Divorce Attorney Near Bellevue

Divorces are overwhelming and emotional experiences, even under the best of circumstances. Finding the right lawyer can help a client navigate the process. Below are several things clients should look for in a potential divorce attorney near Bellevue.

Years of Experience

Just like finding a reliable mechanic or plumber, a client should choose an attorney with significant industry experience. A lawyer skilled in divorce litigation has probably handled hundreds of cases, and they know the pitfalls of the divorce process. Every case has its issues, but an experienced lawyer with the Tamblyn Law, can anticipate problems and prevent them from hampering the client’s goals.

Knowledge of the Local Courts

There are many competent divorce lawyers, but any attorney can lose his or her advantage without knowledge of local court procedures and personnel. Every court is unique, and a lawyer who knows the rules in the client’s jurisdiction is more likely to help them achieve a successful outcome.

A Willingness to Litigate

In many instances, spouses never have to go to court, and in others, litigation can take months. Attaining a goal during a divorce case requires proficiency inside and outside the courtroom. It is vital for a client to hire an attorney who is not afraid to go to court to protect their interests. There’s no substitute for courtroom experience, and clients should hire attorneys who are willing to step up.


A divorce is stressful enough without waiting days for a lawyer to return calls. While attorneys are often very busy, there is no excuse for a lawyer to fail to keep clients informed. A spouse should visit the Tamblyn Law to choose an experienced divorce attorney near Bellevue who checks in regularly and answers questions in an honest, straightforward manner.

A Willingness to Work Within a Budget

The costs of divorce are difficult to predict. If parties cooperate, the process can be inexpensive and simple, requiring only the creation and filing of basic documents. However, if parties cannot agree on certain issues, legal fees can quickly become a problem. Before hiring a divorce attorney, ask for an estimate of the costs involved. An experienced lawyer should be able to provide an assessment of what the client should expect, which can allow them to set a budget.



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