A Drug Defense Attorney in San Antonio Represents Clients in Opioid Cases

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Lawyers & Law Firms

As the country struggles with an unprecedented surge in opioid overdoses, a drug defense attorney in San Antonio provides legal representation for people charged with possession of illegal substances. Examples include prescription pain medication acquired illegally as well as illicit drugs like heroin and opium. Attitudes across the nation have shifted from focusing on penalties for addicted individuals to helping them recover.

A Bipartisan Effort

A bipartisan effort has been made by the U.S. government to release individuals from prison who had been convicted solely for drug possession. A large number of people had been sentenced to years behind bars for this nonviolent crime that did not harm anyone else or anyone’s property.

Plea Bargains

A drug defense attorney in San Antonio may focus on a plea bargain with the prosecution if evidence against the client is solid. Law enforcement officials found the illegal substances on the person, or in the home or vehicle.

The Goal

The goal is to avoid incarceration or receive the most lenient sentence allowed by law. The attorney wants the client to have access to rehabilitation and any services that would be helpful for recovery.


The defendant’s family might wonder whether spending time behind bars would motivate the person to get back on track. However, research shows this usually does not work. The individuals have an additional problem upon release: having a criminal record. Also, without effective rehab, they have no tools for managing cravings and triggers.

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