A Tree Trimming Company in Orlando Addresses Years of Neglect

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Tree Service

Sometimes when people buy an older residential property, a large number of trees need trimming and pruning. The previous owners never bothered to have this work done, leaving the trees very overgrown. A tree trimming company in Orlando might spend more than a day bringing everything back into excellent condition.


Pruning involves removing dead, unhealthy, and loose branches. Workers with a tree trimming company in Orlando also may remove limbs that are unnecessary or could cause problems.

An example is cutting away evergreen branches close to the ground. If the land beneath the trees is always shaded, the ground stays saturated for days after heavy rain. This can lead to moss growth and dead grass. If these trees are near the home, the weight of saturated soil could cause the foundation to crack and buckle.


In contrast, trimming focuses on reshaping trees, shrubs, bushes, and hedges to enhance their appearance. Trees sometimes grow out of balance if located too close to each other. The opposite side grows vigorously, while the areas with limited sun and ventilation are stunted.

The tree service technicians do their best to create a more natural shape for these large plants. If one of the trees has become noticeably lopsided, it may be best to cut it down and allow the other to grow fully.

In Conclusion

After trimming and pruning, the workers remove the wood unless the customer wants the larger pieces for firewood. Homeowners who need this type of work done can learn more about McCullough Tree Service online.

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