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Aerial Equipment Rental in Tucson – Safety Tips

Do you need equipment to lift a worker or crew off the ground? If your machine is in the shop or you only need one for a short time period, you should consider aerial equipment rental in Tucson. However, these machines can be dangerous if they are not operated properly, and the workers don’t understand all the safety rules. Here are some helpful safety tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.


Before you decide on aerial equipment rental in Tucson, everyone on the lift should have training on how to use the machinery in a safe manner. It doesn’t take long to go over operational procedures and the time spent is one of your best business investments.

Don’t Bypass Safety Features

Equipment like booms and scissor lifts have safety switches for a reason, and they should never be overridden or bypassed. For example, it’s late in the shift, and you are almost finished (but something is triggering a safety switch) don’t bypass it even for a few minutes. Safety switches and gates are there for a reason, and you could have a serious accident if you bypass them.

Power Lines

When you are near power lines, you have to exercise extreme caution at all times. If you always assume that they are live, you’ll have a safer work experience.

Moving Equipment

Some machines are designed to be moved when there are people on the platforms, but some are not. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before attempting to move any equipment while it’s in the elevated position

Companies Specializing in Aerial Equipment Rental in Tucson

When you need equipment rentals, go to a company that specializes in heavy equipment. They can show you all the safety features, and they have the best selection of machines. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of 24-hour customer service. For further more details, visit CRECO Rental.



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