America Fights Back: Signs That Your Child’s Getting Bullied at School

No parent wants to think about their child being bullied, yet some parents end up finding that out at some point. It’s a tragedy, but it’s a reality some families face, which makes bullying prevention efforts so important. The following are some signs that your kid might be getting bullied.

Signs of Bullying

One sign that something is wrong is if your kid comes back home with damaged clothes or belongings.

Another sign something is not right is if your child comes back home with missing articles of clothes or other belongings. Kids don’t just lose these things repeatedly.

If your kid can’t explain cuts or bruises, this is also something to worry about.

At some point, you may start to notice that your child doesn’t want to go to school. If your kid walks to or from school, he or she may take the longer way to avoid bullies. A bullied child might feel scared to go to school or to get on the bus to go to school. You may also notice that your kid is afraid of joining sports team or other group activities.

A child that’s getting bullied often develops other issues, like depression and general moodiness. Some of these emotions will linger on at home, and you won’t be able to explain them away.

Your child’s self esteem might start to suffer as a result of bullying. It’s part of the reason many parents are investing in bullying prevention because it’s hard for them to figure out what’s going on with their children.

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