Teaching Comprehensive World War II and Holocaust Curriculum

Teaching children about history is a vital part of their understanding of the world around them. This can be especially important as they age and begin to look at the presently occurring events and how history plays a role in these events.

Understanding World War II

Of all the events in U.S. History and world history, World War II is considered a major event that substantially affected people from all walks of life. Because the war encompassed large areas of the globe, it caused significant upheaval and changes that continue today.

Teaching About The Holocaust

Of all the World War II events, teaching about the Holocaust can be vital to help students understand the key reasons why the United States became involved in the conflict. While the U.S. was spared from the cataclysmic bombing and destruction that Europe witnessed, the war significantly impacted communities and lives in America. This is especially true for the people of Jewish descent.

Helping students identify and understand the vital issues and events surrounding the Holocaust is essential as they grow into adulthood and try to grasp its scope. By using a comprehensive Holocaust curriculum for teachers, students have the best opportunity to acquire and retain all they need to know to develop their historicalworldview.

If you are looking for the best Holocaust curriculum for teachers, ZACHOR Holocaust Curriculum offers a comprehensive plan. They offer the first-hand experiences of Holocaust Survivor Ben Lesser and a wealth of other pertinent data for students to embrace.



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