Benefits of Lactation Classes for New Moms

Are lactation classes required for new moms? No. However, lactation classes in Gig Harbor can provide new mothers with the resources, advice, and support needed to successfully breastfeed a newborn.

Lactation classes can be taken at a hospital or clinic, or through a service which offers private, in-home courses.

New Moms

It can be uncomfortable for new moms when they first start breastfeeding their newborn. They can fumble around, attempt to introduce breastfeeding, and, in some cases, give up when breastfeeding does not work out.

In group lactation classes, new moms will learn about the benefits of breastfeeding, the myths and facts, and receive samples of creams and pads.

Typically, private, in-home lactation classes in Gig Harbor offer more in-depth services. A lactation specialist will show new moms how to encourage their baby to latch on, how to care for their breasts, what to watch out for, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, how to position your baby, and much more.

Moms with Premature Babies

Breastfeeding a premature baby is important for the growth and development of the infant. It is not always easy to breastfeed a preemie, so it is important to get a good start. Typically, premature babies do not always breastfeed effectively. Lactation classes can teach new moms how to watch for weight gain, how to increase the milk supply, how to express milk, feeding positions, and much more.

Moms of Twins and Multiples

Welcoming more than one baby is a joy. There are added challenges and things to consider for new moms when it comes to breastfeeding multiple babies. However, with the right support, advice, and education, new moms find it possible to breastfeed multiple infants.

Baby to Breast offers convenient, compassionate, and private in-home breastfeeding assistance, advice, consultation, and classes for new moms.



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