Benefits of Using A Secret Shopper Service

The best way to run a business is to be at the business to oversee every daily interaction. This is not practical or possible. Secret shopper service in Denver, CO provides a useful service to find out how your employees are interacting with your customers.

What is a Secret Shopper Service?

A secret shopper service will send trained shoppers to companies to perform various functions such as buying a product, interacting with salespeople, returning an item, or requesting a service with the intention of providing feedback on their experience.

Secret shoppers play a vital role in improving customer relations. Once a secret shopper visits an establishment, statistical data is provided to the organization along with customized solutions for improvement.

Performance indicators can be measured in customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and competitive intelligence.


There are immediate benefits from using a secret shopper service in Denver, CO. Data obtained during the secret shopping will allow the company to identify areas which are deficient and can benefit from improvement. In addition, areas that excel in their service can also be identified and recognized to encourage continued support.


Monitoring upsells are important for inventory turn-over. Upsells contribute significantly to the bottom line. Since getting new customers is more expensive than upselling to existing customers, this makes existing customers more profitable. Monitoring how your employees conduct themselves is important to the company’s bottom line.

Understanding the customer experience is not easy without market data. Many business owners may think they know the customer but soon find out after using a secret shopper service Nationwide and in Denver, CO that their customer’s wants and needs are not what they thought. Using market analysis and audits along with demographic information will be giving business owners the tools they need to successfully increase customer satisfaction, employee morale, and increase profits.

NSSN Mystery Shopper Agency has been providing mystery shopping, market research, and compliance audit services for over 30 years.

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