Blade City Knife Superstore

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

Blade City is a retailer of knives and related products headquartered in Miami, Florida. They offer a wide variety of blades that cover many needs, including outdoor, self-defense, utility, technical, cutlery, and other applications. Blade City primarily sells inventory through their website,

Knives are categorized in different sections throughout the website. Categories include Balisong/Butterfly, Go Knives, Fixed Blade Knives, Karambits, Knife Club, OTF, Premium Blades, and Throwing Knives. Aside from individual knives, Blade City sells specialized knife sets and mystery box sets, which are top sellers on the website. They have a full selection of daily deals and clearance products from all selling categories.

Blade City also offers many other products that complement their knife product line.

The website offers several popular sword types, including samurai, katana, daggers, and specialized designs of varying lengths. Blade City also sells sword packages of up to 10 pieces that include an assortment of knives, axes, daggers, and swords. Many are best-sellers.

Self Defense
Shoppers have a selection of products that cover a variety of situations. Stun guns, batons, concealed knives, and alarms are available in various sizes and lethality?

Cross Bows
Available bows are designed primarily for small game hunting or target practice. Combined with one of Blade City‘s outdoor fixed blade knives, this gives hunters the basic equipment they need in the field.

Blade City frequently offers free products with a paid order. Many of these items are personal accessories such as pens, money clips, lighters, keychains, necklaces and coin holders that double as small knives. Although they appear to have novelty value, all still have use as self-defense weapons.

Blade City provides worldwide shipping. All products shipped in the United States using standard delivery do not have a shipping cost. Priority, Canadian, and international shipping are extra.

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