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3D Laser Surveying and Land Use Planning

How you decide to use the land you purchase will often depend on the layout. Taming an unimproved property can cost big bucks without the right plans in place. Laser surveying can cut to the basic information you need to better determine land use strategies. Finding Usable Areas for Building Structures, Driveways, and Parking Lots 3D laser scanning services can detect even the slightest variance in level ground, which makes it the perfect tool to find the most usable spots to place driveways, parking lots, and buildings.


Flat, level ground will not require as much reinforcement for foundations to homes or businesses. If you do need to build on incline or decline, the least drastic options can be laid out quickly. Engineers can then assist in planning the right structural techniques for a safe and sturdy build. Finding Areas Needing Erosion Control Systems Uneven land will also carry with it the dangers of soil erosion. Rougher terrain can be hard to access on foot, which makes a 3-D laser surveying system valuable. Areas at risk for future erosion or one that is experiencing the problem currently can be determined. Steps can be taken to keep erosion from being a serious problem.

Drainage and Flooding Concern The effectiveness of water removal from the property can indicate where areas are likely to experience flooding. 3D laser scanning services can assist in demonstrating the needs for drainage solutions and improvements. It’s bad to begin building only to find that you’ve selected a spot that is the lowest on the property. You can be flooded out during major torrential rains. Visit our website at Sitename and find out more about all of the advanced surveying services we offer. Call us at Rampa Land Surveying and schedule an appointment to discuss your surveying service needs today! You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.



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