Dishwasher Maintenance To Do Before You Need a Plumber in Denver, CO

If you’re like most people, you adore your dishwasher and can’t remember the last time you washed a full sink of dishes by hand. Fortunately, you can continue to keep your hands dry with a little bit of dishwasher maintenance and avoid the need for a plumber in Denver, CO.

Deep Clean

Your dishwasher is responsible for cleaning countless utensils. Did you know that it could also use a bit of cleaning as well? Every so often, you’re going to want to give your unit a nice scrub. Vinegar and citrus both work well with water to get the grime out. Remove all of the easily removable parts such as the holders, racks, and filter, and start scrubbing away. To clean the filter, you can fill a bucket with soap or cleaning solution and drop the screen in for a half-day or so.

Don’t Forget the Seals

Seals work well to keep things in or out of your dishwasher, including filth. Make sure to spend some regular time inspecting and cleaning the seal around your dishwasher door. Doing so will result in a cleaner, better-running dishwasher, and cleaner dishes.

Run Occasionally With Vinegar

If you aren’t doing a deep clean any time soon, you can run your dishwasher with vinegar every now and again to help keep it from getting filthy. It’s not as through as taking it apart and cleaning it; however, it does work wonders if done regularly.

Use it Regularly

Regular use is an essential part of dishwasher maintenance. During a wash cycle, food debris is often deposited in places throughout the unit. If you don’t use it much, the food will become caked and could lead to mold or rotting food particles.




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