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Signs You May Need Heroin Addiction Treatment in North Aurora, IL

Heroin and opioid addiction is now a national crisis. Not one facet of society remains untouched by its destruction. If you suspect that someone you care about is having problems with heroin, then you can confirm their addiction with the signs of addiction listed below. If you notice any of them, try to get heroin addiction treatment in North Aurora, IL, as soon as you can. The longer you wait to treat addiction, the harder it is to overcome it.

Ongoing Legal Troubles

Addiction to heroin puts you in direct conflict with the law. It’s illegal to buy, possess, and to drive while under the influence of its effects. If your loved one is suddenly and continually in trouble with the law, then they may be dealing with a substance abuse problem.

Lowered Hygiene Standards

Something about addiction makes many people loosen their hygiene standards. Even the cleanest individuals take less care of themselves when on heroin and other drugs.

Money Issues

Maintaining a drug habit is impossible unless you’re rich. Even then, the wealthiest people can still run into money problems. If your loved one is having sudden money troubles (especially when they didn’t before), then you have a red flag for addiction.

Loss of Weight

Heroin abuse can lead to physical deterioration for many reasons. People dealing with addictions tend to eat less and unhealthily. In addition, both drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on the body and disrupt many of its major systems.

Compromised Work Performance

Some individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol can pull off a good day’s work without anyone knowing they are high. However, doing so is not sustainable, and eventually, the person with the addiction problem will start performing poorly.

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