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Exterior Siding Takes on New Importance as Homeowners’ Attitudes Shift

Industry observers in the home building and remodeling sector have noted an extraordinary increase in interest in home siding issues.

One explanation offered is a solid trend that shows more people staying home longer. For example, the staycation has been a growing trend since the major economic downturn that occurred in 2008. However, most of the reasons are positive. People are simply enjoying the refuge of their personal space more.

Upgrading Exterior Siding to Enhance Your Home

This has turned attention to home improvement factors. One of the primary ways that homeowners can vividly enhance their home’s look, value, and enjoyment is upgrading the exterior siding. This has produced another interesting trend, that of opting to use mixed-siding schemes. Mixing materials is suddenly the thing to do. It’s not difficult to see why.

Mixing siding materials opens up new possibilities to upgrade homes, improve their value, and make them more energy efficient and more enjoyable. For example, Google analytics has shown a spike in the “exterior siding Bakersfield” search term.

Focusing on Entryways and Outdoor Areas

Making exterior siding improvements around the entryway of homes is a hot trend. That’s probably because just a small amount of more expensive materials can make a big impact. Trends for exterior siding in Bakersfield make synthetic stone or brick popular choices for entryway upgrades. Improving your house in this way makes a positive statement. It also provides homeowners excellent value for the money they spend.

Another factor contributing to the increased interest in exterior siding is that more people are opting to live in smaller homes. This has driven a demand to create more attractive space for outdoor areas such as decks. For the designer, siding is taking on more importance because it affects the backdrop of outdoor areas. Exterior siding comes into play to coordinate colors, adjust profiles, and modify aspects like decking, railing, and fencing.



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