Four Essential Things to Understand About Sports Hernias in Fort Lee, NJ

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Health

Playing sports can be rough on many parts of the body, including the groin area. The most common type of groin injury is the sports hernia. Sports hernia specialists in Fort Lee, NJ, want you to understand these four essential facts about the injury.

Causes of a Sports Hernia

Sports hernias occur when the soft tissues of the groin area are damaged. It is easy to get this injury when a person suddenly twists their body to change direction while playing sport. The injury can be diagnosed by sports hernia specialists in Fort Lee, NJ.

Sports Hernia Symptoms

When you experience a sports hernia, one of the main symptoms is severe pain that you will experience when you are injured. This pain is often immediate and agonizing. The pain may subside but will return quickly when you return to sports. A sports hernia is also typically felt more on one side of your groin instead of being persistent on both sides. If you experience pain during coughing or crunches, you may have a sports hernia.

Differences Between a Hernia and a Sports Hernia

When an organ is able to push through a muscle or tissue’s opening, a person has a hernia. In contrast, sports hernia results due to the straining or tearing of soft tissues.

Sports Hernia Diagnosis

People who have sports hernias frequently endure a misdiagnosis and a lack of proper treatment. In order to properly diagnose the condition, a sports hernia specialist should conduct an MRI. Other types of diagnostic tools include ultrasounds and X-rays.

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