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Four Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Get a New Water Heater

Losing hot water can be inconvenient at the very least. If your water heater is acting up, it may need replacement. The list below contains clear signs that you should call a professional for new water heater installation in Port Richey, FL, as soon as possible.

Zero or Little Hot Water

Less hot water is a telltale sign that your water heater is struggling. These appliances should be able to put out a continuous stream of hot water every time you need it. Even if you notice a slight drop in your unit’s performance, you should seek the help of a plumber to not only fix the problem but also to prevent it from getting worse.

Old Timer

Is your water heater old? If it’s over 15 years old, then it is considered old. Water heaters can last about 15 years with proper care and maintenance, and then it’s time to start thinking about a new one.

Strange Noises

Your water heater makes sounds when it works, but it should not make strange noises. If you notice new sounds coming from your tank, then it’s a sign that your water heater is experiencing an issue. Problems like this tend to get worse before they get better, so it’s advisable to have your water heater checked out when strange new sounds appear.


Take a look below your water heater. Is there water or moisture gathering there? If there is, then you have a problem developing. Water and moisture are a sign that you may have a crack in your tank. As time goes on, this crack will only get bigger. New water heater installation in Port Richey, FL, will take care of this problem definitively.

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