Will Your Pipe System Need a Sewer Camera Inspection in Pennsylvania?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Plumber

While the profession of plumbing has been around for thousands of years, technological advances have allowed the plumbers of today to diagnose pipe issues using sewer camera inspection in Ambler, PA. Plumbers use these specialty cameras to diagnose problems with a residential or commercial sewer line when the situation calls for it.

How Does Sewer Camera Inspection in Ambler, PA, Work?

The camera has a box with a screen attached to a hose that goes down the drain. The hose houses lights and a camera the size of which can be found in the average smartphone. As the rope goes down the drain, images get transmitted to the screen. The plumber then uses these images to diagnose blocks, obstructions, and other types of debris that can clog up pipes.

What the Cameras See

Thanks to these plumbing cameras, plumbers can see what’s causing the problem with your pipes. They can show root damage, cracks and corrosion. Once the plumber uses the camera to see what exactly is causing the problem with the sewer line, they can come to a diagnosis and solution before long.

For example, if root damage is at the heart of the problem, they can get the tools needed to fix the issue. If it’s a clog that the plumber is dealing with, they can then flush it out.

What the Cameras Can’t Fix

A camera inspection of your pipes can’t solve every plumbing issue. For example, if you have cast iron piping, the images could be a bit harder to examine. In this circumstance, your plumber will have to use other diagnostic tools for the job.

Plumbing cameras can be an extremely helpful tool for diagnostics. As a result of this tool, plumbers can do their job in an efficient way. Don’t be surprised if your plumbing technician whips out a funny looking camera the next time they’re working on your pipe system.

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