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Have a Submersible Pump in New Jersey: Check Out These 5 Common Issues

Companies across all industries rely on submersible pumps in New Jersey. From municipalities to construction companies, these pumps get rid of standing liquid and prevent flood damage. Yet, like all mechanical equipment, pumps experience problems. Read on to learn more about the common problems that affect submersible pumps.

1. Overheating and Temperature Issues

Pumps overheat for many reasons. One way to avoid temperature issues and overheating is to be careful about pumping hot liquids. Another reason pumps overheat is excessive scale buildup. The scale blocks water flow, making it harder for the pump to cool down.

2. Hydraulic Loading

Hydraulic loading is another term for water hammer. This problem happens when there’s a sudden change in liquid flow. When the velocity changes suddenly, the pressure changes. Installing check valves and staying on top of pump maintenance are two ways to prevent hydraulic loading.

3. Voltage Issues

Electrical spikes caused by severe storms can cause voltage issues that affect the pump. Try to avoid using the pump during storms to prevent this problem. If the voltage issue isn’t caused by a storm, there’s most likely a voltage imbalance. Have an electrician look into this problem and make the correct repairs.

4. Pressure Switch Fails

If a pressure switch goes bad, it’s time to replace it. These switches can’t be replaced. The good news is that replacing a pressure switch is an inexpensive repair job.

5. Pump Leaks

A leaky pump is another common problem caused by problems such as pressure switch failures, corrosion, and scale buildup. Don’t ignore a leaky pump. Call a repair company that works on best-quality submersible pumps in New Jersey.



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