Machine Shop Prototype or Production Run in Hortonville, Wisconsin

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Machinery and Equipment

Need Any Type of Machine Shop Work?

Whether you need standard machine shop work or a more innovative product in Hortonville, WI, you can find what you need. From boring operations to other machinery, there are plenty of machines available. Boring and machining require precision and a delicate touch using the correct equipment, so any good machine shop must have a wide variety of lathes and boring equipment.

The following types of machines are available:

• CNC lathes

• Engine lathes

• Mills

• VMCs, or vertical machining centers

With this variety of equipment, customers are sure to get the boring operation they need for their product.


These lathes and boring machines can manufacture parts of almost any configuration with accurate positioning, quality finishes, and precise bores. Tapered or straight, conical or eccentric, these lathes can provide the product you want.

Boring Rather Than Drilling

While drilling usually results in a jagged edge that’s out of round and off-center, boring results in a precise hole that’s perfectly round and on-center. Boring can be used in the rough stage or as a final finish, and these machines can provide either.

Machinists as Good as Their Machines

The best equipment is only as good as its operator and these machine operators are among the best in the industry. The combination of superior equipment and the best machinists provides unparalleled results.

Need Machine Shop Work?

For some of the best machine shop prototypes or production runs in Hortonville, WI, contact JBC Machine and request a quote.

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