Higher Security With Access Control in Bowling Green, KY

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Security

The term access control clearly defines its purpose for security systems. Controlling access into a building is at the foundation of security, and is what drives the technology with new innovative methods to gain more control. Business owners need protection from theft, vandalism, and from individuals that mean to do harm, but may also need to protect private information for themselves, and their customers. Installing a security system that provides maximum security, and is easy to use is the true definition of Access Control in Bowling Green, KY. Although traditional locking systems provide a significant amount of security and protection, access control offers another level of control that creates a more secure environment.

Access control systems use software to manage its security system, and there are various types of access control tools used, such as access control cards. These access tools work with a device installed on the door that reads a magnetic strip on the card to gain access into a building. Once the card is swiped into the reader for identification, the user is allowed entry. As an extra security measure, these cards must be activated before use and can be deactivated at any time as well. The access control cards can also be activated for a limited amount of time. For example, if an employee will be leaving a job on a specific date, the card can be programmed to deactivate on that date so they will no longer have access, or for a business owner who has tenants who are moving out on a specific date, they can deactivate the card as well.

For large companies considering card systems for Access Control Bowling Green, KY, they can be installed for up to 4800 users, and 120 reader devices can be placed on 60 doors throughout a company. There are also many programming options that will help a business security system run more efficiently. The doors can be programmed to unlock at specific times, and they can be programmed to accommodate holiday scheduling. In addition, the system is easy to install and program, and it is simple for people to use. Sonitrol offers access control systems for homes, businesses and industrial properties. Customers can select access control cards, or other access tools, including fingerprint scanners. Access control systems provide security that successfully monitors traffic, and also gives business owners much more control. For more information, visit http://sonitrolky.com/

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