How a Holistic Approach to Mental Health Benefits Patients in New York, NY

Have you heard of holistic psychotherapy? You probably already know about traditional psychotherapy approaches like talk therapy and behavior therapy, but the holistic approach goes beyond the mind to treat each patient as a whole. Here are three of the main benefits that holistic psychotherapy offers patients.

Engages Every Body System

Did you know that there is more to mental health than just the mind? Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress and sleep problems can contribute to mental disorders. Holistic psychotherapists in New York City use yoga, meditation and other practices alongside traditional psychotherapy.

Focuses on the Whole Person

Holistic psychotherapy recognizes that patients are more than just a set of symptoms. Assessments and treatment plans go beyond what’s bothering the patient to address family dynamics, lifestyle, past trauma and more so that no potential problem is missed.

Promotes General Well being

Whether you suffer from mental health symptoms or just want to be a better version of you, holistic psychotherapists in New York City can help everyone achieve optimal health and well being. The holistic mental health approach can improve the health of your body as well as your mind with benefits like lower blood pressure and a balanced diet.

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