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Memory Care in Shawnee KS: Questions to Ask When Interviewing a Memory Care Community

Choosing Memory Care in Shawnee KS for a family member or loved one is important. You want to make sure that the community will be comfortable for your senior and that the facility closely aligns with his or her needs.

Finding the right fit for your senior can be overwhelming but that’s why Memory Care in Shawnee KS is here to help you compare and discover local options that best fit your needs.

Before you make any final decisions, advisors will help you answer these vital questions in order to make the best recommendation for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Loved One’s Needs

• What is his or her level of mobility? Does he or she require a wheelchair or walker?
• Does he or she show signs of aggression towards others or signs of behavioral issues?
• Does he or she need help with personal activities such as toileting and incontinence?
• Does he or she need assistance eating or require diabetic care?
• Does he or she need 24/7 care or supervision?
• What is his or her treatment schedule or ongoing medical needs (for example, colostomy care or dialysis)?

Questions to Ask the Memory Community

• How well is the community secured?
• What kind of training has the staff received in memory care? How many hours?
• What is the ratio of caregivers to residents during the day and at night?
• Does each resident of the community have an individual care plan?
• How many hours is an experienced nurse on duty?
• What kinds of medical services are available?
• What type of care is there for bedridden or wheelchair-bound residents?
• What is the community style?
• What policies are in place for medical emergencies?
• What kind of memory care treatment and activities are offered?

If you need help with your senior memory care placement, don’t hesitate. Discover Memory Care in Shawnee KS & easily compare memory care facilities for your loved one today.



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