How Cosmetic Dentists in Puyallup WA Perform Bridgework

Not much doesn’t look picture perfect in Puyallup WA, but when it’s your smile that isn’t shining you may need to see cosmetic dentists in Puyallup WA to help you restore the smile you want to portray each day. When you lose a tooth, or if for some reason you are missing a tooth, cosmetic dentists in Puyallup WA will perform a bridgework procedure to cure your situation. It’s not just your appearance that is affected by the missing tooth in your smile, but you’re eating habits that become affected. Whether we realize it or not our bite has far more to do with our health than we may imagine, so having bridgework done to repair a missing tooth can completely change your health as well as your appearance.

Have Puyallup WA cosmetic dentists explain the procedure

No one but Puyallup WA cosmetic dentists should consult with you about the tooth you are looking to replace with a bridge. You will find that cosmetic dentists are happy to sit with you and consult about all your options and help you determine if a financially less burdensome bridge is the proper repair procedure in your case, or if you really should consider the implant to replace the tooth. If the bridge is the option you choose it will be custom fit for your mouth and measured specifically for the space between your existing teeth. While the bridge is being made at the lab the dentist will take this time to address any of the surrounding teeth or gum tissue that may need treatment and will likely perform all of that work prior to installing the bridge.

What happens in bridgework from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentists?

You will be fitted with a temporary bridge to fill the space in your mouth while the actual bridge is being built at the lab. The permanent bridge will be cemented in to place securely. The dentist will explain that you are to care for the bridge the same way you would any of your other teeth and while the procedure is a painless one, you may be a touch sore over the first few days. You may rinse with a warm salt water to ease any discomfort which should be very temporary, the affected gum tissue will calm down after the first day and return to normal. If you continue to have problems or are uncomfortable after the first 24 hours be sure to contact your cosmetic dentists in Puyallup WA.

Bridgework may sound daunting but the procedure is easy and done routinely by specialized cosmetic dentists in Puyallup WA who can restore your smile and your bite for better health.



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