Periodontics and Dentistry for Children in Poulsbo WA

Having a child is supposed to be one of the best stretches of a person’s life. It is hard work taking care of a child, especially when it comes to dental needs. Starting out early is the best way to prevent dental issues like gingivitis, tartar and plaque. Visiting a dentist early on is another way to ensure that your child gets a head start on clean teeth as well.

The term periodontal includes everything related to the treatment of periodontal diseases, that is, those produced by the accumulation of plaque and tartar in the neck of the teeth, the gum line (gingivitis) and below (periodontitis). To treat gingivitis, periodontal procedures involve a thorough teeth cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar present. Even though children shouldn’t have that much plaque and tartar on their teeth present because of their young age, dentists notice that it is a problem nonetheless because of poor cleaning regimens and lack of good dental hygiene altogether.

Experienced dentistry for children in Poulsbo WA, like other dentists, will perform an educational dialogue with the parent explaining the child’s necessary oral hygiene efforts to avoid that gingivitis, tartar or plaque reappears. In general, everyone should go to see the dentist in order to get their teeth cleaned at least twice a year. This is especially true when it comes to children. If this rule is not adhered to, it’s easy for gingivitis and other issues to progress into periodontitis, in which plaque and tartar buildup will form below the gum line and cause the formation of periodontal pockets. This will cause damage to the tooth root and bone along with the tissue structure that supports it.

In the incipient stages of the disease, a common treatment is curettage, in which you scrape and smooth the root of the tooth. This removes plaque and tartar from the periodontal pockets. However, if the disease is advanced, the child may need periodontal surgery to achieve a decent dental ground. If it is necessary, the Dentistry for Children may use techniques to regenerate any bone that has been lost. The best way to prevent periodontal disease, and the need to undergo periodontics, is to maintain proper oral hygiene by using a brush, floss, suitable toothpaste and mouthwash that help control the growth of bacteria in the mouth.



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