How To Prepare For Your Appointment With A Medical Marijuana Doctor

Meeting with a medical marijuana doctor is a very relaxed and informal type of process. However, all MMJ doctors follow a specific protocol and procedure during the appointment. While patients in Dayton Beach, FL, may feel nervous or anxious about the first appointment, it is and a very comfortable process.

Submit Required Information

In Dayton Beach, FL, as well as across the rest of the state, the law requires the appointment with a medical marijuana doctor to occur in person. Some states allow for all MMJ doctor appointments through telemedicine platforms, but Florida has adopted the in-person requirement.

It is essential to work with the medical marijuana service and to provide all required intake forms and documentation prior to the appointment. This information is found on the service’s booking website and is also sent to patients after they register for the appointment.

The Appointment

The appointment with the medical marijuana doctor allows the patient and the MMJ doctor to review the records, discuss past treatment options, and ensure all medications and information is accurate.

The MMJ doctor will discuss the benefits and potential side effects of medical marijuana for those patients with a medical marijuana recommendation. This is also a great time to ask for additional information from the MMJ doctor.

Patients new to the use of medical marijuana may not realize the different forms and options in medical cannabis. From capsules and oils to edibles and topical products, there is an ideal solution for almost every patient.



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