How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In Ohio

In 2016, the Ohio government passed House Bill 523 that made it legal for residents of the state to purchase and use medical marijuana. This same bill also provides a clear understanding of the types of conditions eligible for the program and the process for the patient to obtain the medical marijuana card.

Diagnosed and Qualifying Conditions

The medical marijuana card (MMC) is only available to patients with a current diagnosis of an eligible condition. These include both psychological and medical health conditions. While the specific conditions are listed, there is the opportunity for a certified and approved medical marijuana doctor to recommend the approval of the MMC for a patient with a similar or like condition.

It is critical to have a current diagnosis of a qualifying condition. Patients can obtain this documentation from their primary care physician or specialist if they do not have a copy.

Meet with the Doctor

The state of Ohio also certifies doctors to recommend medical marijuana for a specific patient. Not all medical doctors are certified, which means patients across the state typically cannot use their family or primary care doctor to obtain the necessary recommendation.

Meeting with the medical marijuana doctor can be done through telehealth platforms in the state. This means the patient does not have to go into the doctor’s office to complete the required MMJ certification appointment. The doctor reviews the application and the medical forms provided, recommends the use of medical marijuana as a treatment, and enters the patient information into the state registry. The patient then completes the process by paying the fee and applying for the medical marijuana card online.



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