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Importance of Fatal Four

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), four types of hazards are responsible for nearly two-thirds of all deaths that take place at construction sites. These incidents are also implicated in hundreds of non-life-threatening accidents every year. If you or a loved one has been injured while working on a construction jobsite in Illinois, a construction accident attorney in Joliet may be a valuable resource.

The Fatal Four

The Fatal Four—as OSHA has dubbed them—are falls, getting struck by an object, electrocution and getting crushed.

• Falls: More than 100,000 workplace injuries every year are linked to workplace falls. If your employer hasn’t implemented steps to protect your safety on the job, then he or she may be liable for your injury if it was caused by a fall. Safety precautions may include providing guardrails, a safety harness and training.

• Striking incidents: You’re standing too close to another worker when he or she is raising a hammer. A load began to swing wildly when it was being removed from a truck, or the truck itself starts to roll. The upshot of all these scenarios is that an object with a considerable amount of momentum can strike you on a vulnerable part of your body. Your employer is required to provide you with hard hats and other safety equipment to minimize such risks.

• Electrocution: In 2015, electrical hazards caused 4,000 workplace injuries and 300 workplace deaths. Your manager is responsible for providing you with personal protective equipment and proper training.

• Crushing incidents: Crushing incidents are typically caused either by malfunctioning equipment or by operator error. Management is responsible for making sure that all machinery and other equipment are well maintained and that operators are properly trained.

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