It’s Never Too Hot For Old School Italian Pasta in Phoenix, AZ

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Italian Restaurants

The last thing Phoenix residents want to do is cook inside during the extreme heat of the summer. It’s not unusual for people in the Valley of the Sun to have a stove and oven outside on their carport or patio. Also, everyone has a barbeque. Cooking outside is something long-term Valley residents learn to do to keep the temperature inside their homes bearable.

While you can cook outside on the barbeque, sometimes, you want a nice, hearty Italian meal. Unfortunately, nothing heats a kitchen like making homemade pizza and pasta. Fortunately, restaurants can deliver pizza and pasta near Phoenix, AZ. Better yet, you can get out of the house and dine at one of the long-established Italian restaurants around Phoenix.

While Phoenix and the state of Arizona are famous for Mexican food, Italian restaurants have a long history here too. The first Italian eatery in Arizona was established way back in 1938.

Phoenicians prefer Old School when it comes to Italian dining. This means hearty pasta dishes, cheese ravioli, and of course, thick, crispy pizza. You will find quite a few Italian restaurants around Phoenix that have been in constant operation for more than 60 years.

If you are looking for Old School Italian pasta near Phoenix, AZ, during the summer, you will find it. Going out for classic marinara, meat sauce, mushroom sauce, and Alfredo provide a dose of comfort food over the long, hot summer. Pasta near Phoenix is always available during the scorching summers.

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