Keep Your Home Environment and Family Safe by Installing Fire/Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

The hidden dangers of fire, smoke or a buildup of carbon monoxide while the family is fast asleep can be deadly. Even if nobody is home, fire and smoke damage can destroy many cherished family belongings and the supportive house structure. Extensive property damage is bad enough. Add your beloved family members into these statistics and the costs of this type of disastrous event could never be fully measured. There are some emergency and fire expert recommendations to help keep your home environment and family safe. An easy first step is to install a fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detector alarm. Without the benefit of the best carbon monoxide alarms protecting your home, the end results could be tragic.

Fire departments in every community give seasonal reminders to change the batteries on smoke detectors and other alarms at least once a year. Every year, there are still too many preventable home fires that have resulted in expensive property damage, serious injuries and all too often needless fatalities. In some of these fire situations, fire experts have determined that the home did not have or had non-working or malfunctioning fire and related safety alarms and other fire alert products. Even the best carbon monoxide alarm is ineffective if the batteries go dead or the residents disconnect it.

Many people are unaware that unlike natural gas, which the companies add a strong scent to, carbon monoxide gas is not readily detectable since it is colorless and odorless as well. Early symptoms of fatigue, headache and lethargy often are attributed to illness and disregarded. In time, the people inside that are exposed to this gas become unconscious and if not discovered will usually go into a coma and/or die. First Alert Inc. offers some of the best carbon monoxide alarms.



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